Chartwell Slots

Chartwell Slots

Chartwell Technology software is recognized in the field of Internet gaming software systems and online casinos. Since 1998, Chartwell has earned
a reputation for its adaptability and innovation. With employees in countries all over the world like Vancouver, Malta, London, Calgary and Singapore, Chartwell has managed to hover in the big leagues while being publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol CWH. Chartwell has accomplished this by chiefly concentrating on being a no-download platform. This makes Chartwell exclusive and accessible to their players. It’s also ahead of the technology game in many some ways. So it’s no surprise that they offer their services to new mediums such as PDAs and smart-phones. Chartwell doesn’t have an exceptionally large catalog, but what they do offer are top-quality games.

Chartwell’s selection of virtual slot machines are impressive. Its been stated that “a player actually feels the dedication to attention that Chartwell puts into their slots. It’s for this very reason that their games have a somewhat special professional quality. I

In some ways Chartwell lacks the features that makes playing slots fun and easy in the first place. For instance, their slots have no integrated chat, none of their games have an auto-play function and bonus games are infrequent. However, the good news is that since every game is exclusive, so is each symbol set. Additionally, most slots offers players one cent and five cent plays. The higher range wagers are one dollar and goes as high as two and five dollars.

Chartwell has an exclusive banking system for its casinos and clients. It services built-in support for promotions and whatever else is needed for their players. On the other hand, due to their designs, there’s less uniformity between Chartwell backed casinos. All are US casinos that accept US players, but very few are no-deposit casinos. Additionally, the Chartwell system does’nt accommodate slot tournaments and other special events. However, welcome bonuses and other promotions are up to scratch with their competitors.

The many positive aspects of Chartwell Slot is that individual slots are unique and graphically flawless and updates are frequent. Chartwell is not without its critics though. Some state that the music and sound effects can be cyclical and become quite boring after a time. In a way Chartwell is the lazy one of the bunch, nonetheless the best is yet to come.