Chartwell Slots

Wild West Slot

Wild West Slots is a straight forward easy going game without any complex features. A player can come right in, take a seat and start the game rolling. There are plenty of different symbols used in Wild West Slots. In one way this is an advantage because it keeps the game fresh. On the other hand the winning percentages are less which means less winning action for players. There is only one pay line with a sufficient betting range. Players can spin the reels for one cent up to [$15.00]. Because this is such a effortless slot game, betting options are kept simple which in lieu of the games’ format the minimal choice opportunities fits perfectly.

The wild symbol on Wild West Slots is very effective in bringing excitement and huge prizes to the game. The symbol itself is a picture of a sheriff’s badge. It appears on every reel and can be utilized to replace any symbol in the game. However it can’t be used to replace the scatter symbol and does not finish scatter winning combinations. It’s also a prize in and of itself in that if it’s the only symbol that appears a prize is still rewarded. Whenever one of the multiplier symbols is used as part of a winning combination the prize awarded is immediately doubled and if two are used the prize is quadrupled. Other Wild West Slot symbols include a blue bottle, red bottle, white bottle, a blue gold pile and a white gold pile.

The Wild West Slots theme is set in an abandoned western town with an empty street. There is a ghost town feeling as if everyone scattered in preparation for the big shoot. There are minor distractions like a hot-air balloon with the words “pay table” written on it along with bullets and bow and arrows. Overall, this slot seems a bit dull but that shouldn’t put a player off from giving it a try. The problem is that it’s a forgettable slot game and won’t keep players returning for more of the action. If a player is looking for an easy and user friendly with no real surprises then Wild West Slots is the perfect solution. It can be utilized as an in-between slot game in preparation for the real complex slots offered online. Wild West Slots can be played at centrebet casino.

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